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Weekly trips in Portugal from Sunday to Saturday:

Southwest Trips
Low Season
17th Apr - 18th June
High Season
19th June - 25th June
Surf Experience (beginner/intermediate)Shared double room832€/person923€/person
Private double room1.747€/2 persons1.897€/2 persons
Surf Guiding (intermediate/advanced)
Shared double room737€/person816€/person
Private double room1.546€/2 persons1.696€/2 persons
Adventure ExperienceGroup ExclusiveFrom 4.455€/groupFrom 4.939€/group
Northern Trips
High Season
26th Jun - 3rd Sep
Low Season
4th Sep - 8th Oct
Surf Experience (beginner/intermediate)Shared double room923€/person832€/person
Private double room1.897€/2 persons1.747€/2 persons
Surf Guiding (intermediate/advanced)
Shared double room816€/person737€/person
Private double room1.696€/2 persons1.546€/2 persons
Adventure ExperienceGroup ExclusiveFrom 4.939€/groupFrom 4.455€/group

Weekly Trips in Morocco from Sunday to Saturday:

Morocco Trips  
Winter Season
20th Nov - 25th Feb
Surf Experience (beginner/intermediate)Shared double room832 €/person
Private double room1.747 €/2 persons
Surf Guiding (intermediate/advanced)
Shared double room737 €/person
Private double room1.546 €/2 persons
Adventure ExperienceGroup ExclusiveFrom 4.455 €/group
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