Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Asked Questions:

Can I book now a trip to Portugal or Morocco?

Yes of course! Bookings are available for both destinies.

Are there group discounts?

Yes if you come with a group of friends from 8 to 10 persons, everyone gets a discount (up to 20% off)

Can I book the trip with a different duration than the one recommended (Sunday to Saturday)?

Yes its possible. Please send us a special request by email, so we can sort out the best for you.

We recommend durations between 1 and 2 weeks. Less than 1 week and you risk missing the perfect waves or some amazing places we will visit.

Will I travel inside the Truck?

The Truck has 2 travel seats. The guests travel on our 9 seat van, so we have more flexibility to go to every beach and town. The Truck follows to the next location.

What’s the best way to go to the Truck Surf Hotel?

Portugal Southwest Trips:

Every Sundays we do transfers from Lagos Train Station (Lagos) or from Grandola Train Station (Sines), according to the starting point of the trip.

We advise you to fly to Faro Airport when the trip starts in Lagos or fly to Lisboa Airport, when the trip starts in Sines.

However, it also possible to arrive and depart from Faro Airport or arrive and depart from Lisboa Airport.

How to travel from Faro Airport to Lagos Train Station:

  • By Train (around 10€): From Faro Airport you can catch the bus 16, destiny Faro, till Faro train station (6km). Then you go on the regional train, destiny Lagos, and in 1h 45m you arrive in Lagos town.
  • By bus (around 15€): http://www.faroshuttlebus.com/ – we can book for you.
  • By taxi/private transfer: https://en.aeroportodefaro.com/transfers

If you prefer we can pick you at Faro Airport and bring you to the Truck (extra service – 90€). Please let us know in advance.


How to travel from Lisboa Airport to Sines:

  • From Lisboa Airport go on the subway to Lisboa Oriente Station (10 min). In Lisboa Oriente Station catch the train to Grandola, and we will be in Grandola to welcome you and take you to Sines. Check the schedules and tickets here: https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/en/train-times.

If you need any orientation, we can help you with finding the best transports to meet us.

Morocco Trips:

Free transfer from or to Agadir Airport, when the trip starts in Agadir.

When the trip starts in Essaouira we can book a taxi for you – trip cost between Essaouira and Agadir: 60€, capacity up to 4 persons. 

If you are flying to/from Marrakech Airport there are daily buses (Supratours) that come to Agadir and to Essaouira: 10€. We will be waiting for you at the bus station of Agadir or Essaouira, according to the starting point of the trip.


Please check the best flight options here:


What should I take to the TSH?

  • Backpack;
  • Flip-flops/Surf boots;
  • Shorts/bikini/beach towel
  • Summer clothes but also warm clothes (at night it can be a bit chilly outside)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30+)
  • Memory stick to save your photos;
  • Documents: passport or ID + photocopy; insurance policy photocopy, airplane ticket, credit card
  • Mobile phone
  • If you want you can bring your own surfboard but we have on board enough boards and wetsuits for all levels and sizes.

Who decides the week activities for the trip?

Every Monday morning we do a briefing and plan the activities according to the week program and the guests expectations. To take the best advantage of our trips we recommend you to come for at least one week, from Sunday to Saturday.


Is it possible to book a trip alone?

Yes, of course! It’s actually one of the things we want to create: an environment where people get to know each other through epic adventures.

How can I know if my reservation was confirmed?

After you choose the days and the trip you want to make on the reservation form, during the next 24 hours, we will send you a confirmation by email about the availability for those days.

How can I pay my booking?

On the email confirmation we will send you the account details so you can do the payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

When do I pay the reservation? Can I think about it for a few days?

The reservation must be paid within 3 days after availability has been confirmed.

Is it possible to change or cancel my reservation?

Yes its possible.

  • You can change the date or length of your reservation up to 1 month prior to departure, and if the new date is still available: €50 fee.
  • To cancel the reservation:

Until 6 weeks before the trip – €50 fee

6-4 weeks before the trip – 30% fee of the total price

4-2 weeks before the trip – 50% fee of the total price

2-1week before the trip – 75% fee of the total price

Less than 1 week to departure: We don’t refund the reservation if its cancelled, or in a no show.


Will there be someone waiting for me in Lagos or in Sines?

Every Sunday we will be in Lagos train station or in Grandola train station (Sines area) to welcome you and take you to the Truck. The check-in is between 13:00-20:00 and the check-out between 8:00-13:00.
Please send us your flight details (day and hour of arrival, and flight number).
If you prefer we can meet you at Faro Airport and bring you to the Truck (extra service – 80€/person). Please let us know in advance.

If you plan to come on a day different than Sunday, please send us a special request by email.

Will there be someone waiting for me in Agadir?

Every Sunday, when the trip starts in Agadir, we will be in Agadir Airport to welcome you and take you to the Truck. The pick up is between 13:00-20:00.
Please send us your flight details (day and hour of arrival, and flight number).

If you plan to come on a day different than Sunday, please send us a special request by email.

Can I stay overnight in Portugal or Morocco?

Yes. If you arrive the day before the trip starts, or if you leave the day after the trip ends, you can stay overnight in a hotel or a guesthouse. We can help you with the booking in a hotel or a guesthouse with affordable prices.

On the truck

Can I use the Kitchen?

Yes, in the end of the day you can always use the kitchen to prepare your meals.

You can also order traditional food to the TSH that our local cookers will prepare.

We can also recommend you the best restaurants in town ?

Can I have my own food at the TSH?

Yes. We will have one small fridge for the guests and another one for the team. In the beginning of the week we will go to a fresh food market so you can buy the groceries you might need.

How much luggage can I bring?

Because we have limited space we advice you to bring the basics. The Truck is fully equipped and has all the facilities for you to enjoy a comfortable and awesome week. If you need to bring special size equipment please emails us in advance.

Is there a locked place to store my personal things?

Yes, on each room there’s a locked storage. You will get your own key.

Is there air conditioning on the TSH?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

Is there a covered area outside the TSH?

Yes, there’s a covered lounge terrace on the side of the Truck where you can chill and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Is there Internet on board?

Yes we have free Wi-fi on board.

Do I need power adapters for charging devices?

The power on board is 220 V and sockets are European standard for 2 pin plugs (round pins).

If you are living in the USA your electronic gadgets work on 110 V and you will need a transformer to 220 V.

Is its safe inside the TSH?

The truck is equipped with fire extinguishers, special emergency exits. It also has alarms for smoke/gas.

The construction and materials are according to the safety rules.

There’s an emergency and safety plan on board and we will explain it as soon as you come on board.

Can I bring my children?

Yes you can, please contact us in advance.

Who is responsible for children during the trip?

Children taking part of the trip remain under the responsibility of their parents.

Can I bring my pet with me on holiday?

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Do I need to return to the TSH before a specific time at night?

No, you can arrive anytime you want, concerning that we start early our activities. You should also respect the sleeping needs of the others.

Can I smoke inside the TSH?

Smoking inside its not allowed. You can smoke outside.

Can I go inside the TSH anytime I want?

Yes. Each one will have a key card to access the Truck.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, it’s mandatory. We will provide all the insurances you need to have a safe holiday. Its extra package price.

What happens if the TSH has an accident and I get injured?

You are covered by our insurance while you travel with us.

What if there is a problem with the TSH?

If anything fails with the TSH we will try to repair so we can continue our trip. If it’s impossible to repair we will provide a nearby accommodation for the guests.